Honeywell Eclipse ThermAir Burner

Honeywell Eclipse ThermAir Burner

  • Capacity range: 150,000 to 5,000,000 Btu/h (44 to 1465 kW)
  • Turndown: 30:1
  • Max. process temperature: 1900°F (1038°C)
  • Fuels: natural gas, propane, butane, landfill gas, low Btu gas
  • No gas adjustment with ratio control. Robust, reliable performance.


The Eclipse ThermAir burner is a nozzle-mixing burner with a packaged air blower that’s designed to fire with fixed combustion air over a wide turndown range. Fixed air operation plus integral air and gas orifices make the ThermAir one of the simplest burners ever to quickly setup and adjust.

ThermAir burners are ideal on heaters, textile ovens and in situations where the fuel is highly variable (800 Btu/cf to 3200 Btu/cf). Plus they’re perfect for ovens needing additional air to carry moisture away from the product being heated.

Technical Documentation

ThermAir Technical Documentation


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Honeywell Eclipse ThermAir Burner