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Maxon Synchro Mechanical Flow Control Valves

Honeywell Maxon Flow A Style Synchro Control Valves

  • Valve bodies are designed to meet ANSI specifications (DIN flange option for future availability)
  • High pressure rating
  • Cast iron, carbon steel and brass bodies
  • Positive push/pull actuator
  • SYNCHRO Valves may be used independently for individual adjustable gradient fuel flow control, or in tandem with other fuel control valves for more sophisticated multi-zone control or multi-fuel applications.
  • Low torque
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Maxon MICRO RATIO Series Valves

Honeywell Maxon Micro-Ratio M, P, O Series Mechanical Flow Control Valves

  • For air, gas, and oil proportioning control
  • Multiple screw cam assembly provides mechanical adjustment capabilities
  • Fully adjustable throttling range
  • Air-gas-oil valves in tandem-linked combination are ideal for multi-zone or stand-by fuel system control
  • The tandem linkage gives accurate proportioning of air/fuel(s) ratios required for your specific burner system/application
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