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Honeywell Hauck WHG Wall Hugger Gas Burner

Honeywell Hauck WHG Gas Burner

  • Flat flame profile throughout entire firing range
  • Direct spark or gas pilot ignition
  • Immediate ramping up to high fire reduces furnace heat-up time
  • Stable operation in cold furnace at low excess air
  • Even heat distribution with no flame impingement
  • UV or flame rod flame supervision
  • Preheated air up to 800ºF (425ºC)
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Honeywell Maxon Kinemax Medium Velocity Industrial Burners

Honeywell Maxon Kinemax Medium Velocity Burner

  • Exit velocities up to 275 ft/s (190 miles/h) to promote workload heat penetration and better furnace temperature uniformity
  • Operate on-ratio, with excess fuel or with excess air to meet the specific demands of your combustion process needs
  • Burns most clean, low pressure gaseous fuels or light oil
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