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Maxon SMARTLINK CV Electronic Valves

Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK CV Electronic Valves

  • SMARTLINK® actuator fits various bodies to meet all combustion flow control needs – butterfly, ball, linkage arm
  • Easy customization of the valve flow characteristic for high precision flow control and repeatability
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize emissions with direct coupled, factory calibrated valve and actuator assembly
  • Rugged industrial design for reliable, long-life operation
  • Reduced maintenance – no lubrication required
  • Hazardous Location approved: ATEX, IEC Ex and KC; Non-Incendive for Class I, Division 2; UL, FM, CE
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Maxon Smartlink DS Valve

Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK DS Intelligent Control Actuator Series

  • 4-20ma Input and Output – Both are independently isolated
  • Loss-of-Signal and F-Terminal Functions – Two, user-defined, positions for 4-20mA control applications
  • Precision Gear Train – Provides 0.1 degree resolution with long-life planetary gear set
  • Safety System Relay Feedback – Fail-safe high/low position and alarm relay drive circuitry with dual processor architecture and redundant position feedback
  • RS-485 Modbus Interface – Needed to configure actuator when no user display option is ordered.
  • Maxon PC-based configuration software and RS-485 cable required.
  • Diagnostics via Modbus – Alarm-Lockout, Communication, and Move (Repositioning) Diagnostic Counters; Loss-of-Motor Sync, Position Control, Position (Feedback), Temperature, and Hardware Alarms; Alarm-Lockout Event History, Position Move Histogram
  • Reverse Direction – User selectable clockwise or counter clockwise movement
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Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK MRV Electronic Ratio Valves

  • Precise and repeatable flow control optimizes fuel efficiency, enables accurate temperature control and lowers burner emissions.
  • SMARTLINK® MRV is an electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control; for use in industrial applications providing a high degree of precision, repeatability and durability.
  • Synchronous control of up to four valves with conventional signal from the user’s process controller.
  • Direct coupled valve and actuator assembly includes weatherproof housing with integrated position feedback and heavy duty planetary gearheads for reliable, long life operation.
  • Compact, robust design mounts in any orientation.
  • Each SMARTLINK® Valve is adjustable to 0.1 degrees accuracy.
  • UL and CE approved electronics and software for air/fuel ratio control.
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Siemens VA Assembly SQM4 with VKG Butterfly Valve

Siemens VA Assemblies SQM4 with VKG Valve

  • UL approved Valve, UL and CSA approved Actuator
  • SQM4 Actuator has various configurations available
  • From 1/2″ to 4″ NPT VKG Valve
  • VKG Valve in full, medium or reduced port sizes
  • Precision machined components enable the use of a solid shaft coupling
  • Shaft coupling provides a positive connection between the valve and actuator without actuator or valve shaft damage
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Siemens VA Assembly with VKG and VKF1x valves

Siemens Valve Actuator Assemblies

  • VA Assemblies are available with the following actuators:
  • SQM33 actuators with LMV3 Linkageless systems
  • SQM45 or SQM48 actuators with LMV5 Linkageless systems
  • SQM40/41 Synchro Modulating Actuators
  • SQM50/53/56 Modulating Actuators
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