Honeywell Maxon OvenPak LE Series Burner

  • Four new sizes added for increased application flexibility – OPLE 5, 10, 70 and EB100
  • Operates on low gas supply pressures
  • Provides clean combustion with low NOx and CO levels
  • Compact burner design provides quick and easy installation
  • Balanced pressured design for easy commissioning and adjustment
  • Visible ignition action speeds commissioning and maintenance
  • High turndown for exceptional process control


Maxon Ovenpak LE Burners

Honeywell Maxon Ovenpak LE Burners are nozzle-mixing gas burners. In addition, use them for many industrial, direct-fired applications where clean combustion and high turndown requirements. The burners are simple and versatile for use on a variety of heating applications. The gas flows through the nozzle, then along the inside of the burner cone where combustion air is rapidly mixed with the fuel. In conclusion, this produces a very wide turndown range and a highly stable flame under a variety of operating conditions.

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Maxon Ovenpak LE Burners with packaged blower

OPLE5 Maximum Capacity, 500 kBtu/h
OPLE10 Maximum Capacity, 1,000 kBtu/h
OPLE13 Maximum Capacity, 1,350 kBtu/h
OPLE15 Maximum Capacity, 1,600 kBtu/h
OPLE25 Maximum Capacity, 2,500 kBtu/h
OPLE30 Maximum Capacity, 3,150 kBtu/h
OPLE35 Maximum Capacity, 3,500 kBtu/h
OPLE40 Maximum Capacity, 4,000 kBtu/h
OPLE45 Maximum Capacity, 4,480 kBtu/h
OPLE70 Maximum Capacity, 7,000 kBtu/h

Maxon Ovenpak LE Burners with external blower

OPLEEB40 Maximum Capacity, 4,000 kBtu/h
OPLEEB65 Maximum Capacity, 6,500 kBtu/h
OPLEEB100 Maximum Capacity, 10,000 kBtu/h

Technical Documentation

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Ovenpak LE Burner

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