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Create Your Combustion Solution with Us

Well-known and widely respected across the combustion industry, we are committed to providing products and services that will cover our customers application needs from concept to completion. Whatever your specific application we can deliver combustion systems that are clean, efficient, reliable and safe.

How Can We Help You?

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Engineering Your Combustion Systems

• Application specific burner technologies

• Process and control instrumentation

• Customized valve trains to industry standards

• UL 508A customized control panels

• Specialized application & system components

• Heat recovery equipment

Markets Served

  • Automotive
  • Building Materials
    • Air Heating, Boilers, Calciners, Dryers, High Temperature Fluid Heaters, Kilns and Ovens.
  • Chemical
    • Air Heating, Boilers and Dryers.
  • Concrete/Aggregate
    • Air Heating, Hot Water Heaters.
  • Food & Beverage
    • Air Heating, Baking, Dryers, Fryers, Ovens and Washers.
  • Hot Water & Steam
  • HVAC
  • Laundry
  • Metals
    • Die Cast, Forging, Foundry, Heat Treating, Metal Processing Ferrous & Non-Ferrous.
  • Oil & Gas
    • Bio Fuels, Petroleum/PetroChemical and Propane.
  • Packaging
  • Pollution Control
    • Fume Incineration, Oxidizers and Solid Incineration.
  • Power Generation
    • Bio Fuels and Ethanol.
  • Printing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Thermal Processing Systems
    • Air Heating, Industrial Ovens, Paint Finishing, Printing & Coverting and Washers.
  • Water & Waste
    • Gas Boosters
  • And more…
Marshall W. Nelson & Associates Inc. Markets Served
Application Solutions

Applications Solutions PDF link here.