Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK DS Intelligent Control Actuator Series

  • 4-20ma Input and Output – Both are independently isolated
  • Loss-of-Signal and F-Terminal Functions – Two, user-defined, positions for 4-20mA control applications
  • Precision Gear Train – Provides 0.1 degree resolution with long-life planetary gear set
  • Safety System Relay Feedback – Fail-safe high/low position and alarm relay drive circuitry with dual processor architecture and redundant position feedback
  • RS-485 Modbus Interface – Needed to configure actuator when no user display option is ordered.
  • Maxon PC-based configuration software and RS-485 cable required.
  • Diagnostics via Modbus – Alarm-Lockout, Communication, and Move (Repositioning) Diagnostic Counters; Loss-of-Motor Sync, Position Control, Position (Feedback), Temperature, and Hardware Alarms; Alarm-Lockout Event History, Position Move Histogram
  • Reverse Direction – User selectable clockwise or counter clockwise movement



It provides highly accurate positioning, with continuous duty, maintenance-free operation. The SMARTLINK® DS offers many advantages and flexible feature configurations, making it well-suited for a myriad of industrial applications. It is a general purpose control actuator designed for the precise control of air, fuel, gas, steam, chemicals and liquids for industrial combustion applications, as well as for general industrial process control applications.

Simple wiring; standard communications protocols include analog 4-20 mA or Modbus which enables a wide range of positioning and health reporting capabilities. Diverse application needs can be easily met by selecting from a number of product options: two torque offerings, local user display, AC or DC power input, hazardous location approvals. All models provide highly reliable, precise and repeatable operation with continuous modulation.

Available configurations include actuator only (DSSA), actuator with valve mounting bracket (DSCA), actuator coupled with a butterfly valve (DSCV), actuator coupled with a ball valve (DSBV) or mounted on a selection of Maxon burners.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF links:

Maxon Smartlink DS Product Overview

Maxon SMARTLINK DS Technical Literature