Honeywell Maxon SmartLink Meter

  • Precise, repeatable mass flow measurement for fuel, air and combustion streams
  • Displays instantaneous standard rate and totalized flow without calculations
  • Advanced temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures
  • Thermal mass flow technology provides reliable measurements with no moving parts
  • Thermal mass flow metering provides  outstanding accuracy over a wide turndown range
  • and much more
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It is a highly accurate and repeatable mass flow meter well suited for monitoring fuel and air. The meter is built with a rugged NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure for industrial applications. The design is based on a well established thermal mass flow sensing principle and innovative electronics that provide many self-checking functions to ensure measurement integrity.

The meter uses a constant temperature differential technique with two matched, platinum RTD (Resistive Temperature Device) elements in a rugged, stainless probe assembly. One RTD measures fluid temperature and an “intelligent” bridge circuit heats the second RTD element, maintaining a constant temperature differential above the temperature of the process fluid. Based on the amount of power delivered to the heated element, the precise mass flow rate is established by the on-board microprocessor. The highly integrated sensor probe and electronic design permits fully automated factory calibration, providing every manufactured unit with out-of-the-box measurement accuracy.

SMARTLINK® METER incorporates an input/output (I/O) module with analog 4-20mA current loops for monitoring flow and air/fuel ratio or fluid temperature. A redundant system design is employed for “on-line” flow meter test functions and fail-safe alarm, limit, and test status indication. A liquid crystal display (LCD) and a membrane switch keypad provide easy meter configuration and local viewing of meter status. Each unit is calibrated for air or natural gas and includes an “in-line” flow body that conditions the fluid velocity profile and sets the depth of the probe assembly for proper measurement in the flow stream.

Technical Documentation

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Maxon Smartlink Meter

Maxon Smartlink Meter Configuration chart