Honeywell Maxon Smartlink MRV Electronic Ratio Valves

  • Purchase a Spare Smartlink MRV Actuator which replaces MRV Control Actuators
  • electronic parallel positioning system for air/fuel ratio control
  • Synchronous control of up to four valves with conventional signal from the user’s process controller
  • UL and CE approved electronics and software for air/fuel ratio control
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It is an industrial parallel positioning system for combustion applications providing a high degree of precision, repeatability, tamper resistance, and durability. In addition, SMARTLINK® MRV interfaces with all burner management and flame safety systems, simplifying retrofit applications. The system is simple to set-up and does not require a personal computer in the field for commissioning.

SMARTLINK MRV includes 1, 2, 3, or 4 Valve Actuators directly coupled to flow control valves. In addition it includes a Control Interface unit which serves as a commissioning interface and “gateway” between the Valve Actuators. Also includes the user’s process controller, PLC, or distributed control system (DCS).

The SMARTLINK Valve Actuator

It’s design is an industrial, factory-calibrated assembly. It incorporates a precision, planetary gear-head with integrated position feedback and a stepper motor for continuous duty control of various valves. Each valve actuator is powered by 24VDC and includes a digital position control loop and a digital interface that ensures reliable operation even in electrically noisy environments. The small footprint, weatherproof enclosure and Class I, Division 2 approvals, and superior position control performance make this product a high performance, cheaper alternative to pneumatic equipment.

The SMARTLINK MRV Control Interface

It is a DIN rail-mounted digital hub that electronically “links” and synchronizes valve movement for precision air/fuel ratio control. Front-mounted switches and indicators are provided for displaying alarms, system configuration, and valve characterization. The Control Interface also provides a precision 4-20 mA firing rate feedback signal. Optional equipment includes MAXON Relay Input and Output Interfaces, a User Display, universal power supply, factory-wired panel assemblies, and several NEMA 4X enclosures.

More Features:
  • Stores a 22 point user-customized profile for each valve.
  • Factory Mutual (FM) approved as non-incendive for Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2 and ATEX, IEC Ex and KC approval; standard actuator is also NEMA 4X, Class II, Division 2 approved.
  • Maintenance-free operation; no lubrication required. No valve packing to adjust.
  • Electronic passcode protection eliminates valve profile tampering.
  • Simple set-up; no PC required.
  • Standby, purge and light off positions can be defined independent of valve profiles.

Maxon SMARTLINK MRV is designed for precision control of industrial combustion systems, boiler combustion systems, and related heating process flows. The rugged industrial package adds value to many heating and manufacturing processes by providing highly accurate, characterizable flow control with enhanced, digital intelligence.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF link:

Maxon SMARTLINK MRV Technical Catalog