Honeywell Maxon SMARTLINK CV Electronic Valves

  • SMARTLINK® actuator fits various bodies to meet all combustion flow control needs – butterfly, ball, linkage arm
  • Easy customization of the valve flow characteristic for high precision flow control and repeatability
  • Maximize efficiency and minimize emissions with direct coupled, factory calibrated valve and actuator assembly
  • Rugged industrial design for reliable, long-life operation
  • Reduced maintenance – no lubrication required
  • Hazardous Location approved: ATEX, IEC Ex and KC; Non-Incendive for Class I, Division 2; UL, FM, CE



Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly is a rugged, turnkey solution for industrial flow control applications. It has a high degree of precision, repeatability, and commissioning flexibility in a small space.

In addition, SMARTLINK® provides easy, on-site customization of the valve flow characteristics. This feature makes it an ideal solution for parallel valve positioning systems in combustion control applications.

The SMARTLINK® assembly includes two components:

1) a Valve Actuator direct-coupled to a valve

2) a Control Interface unit between the Valve Actuator and the user’s process controller, PLC, or DCS.

In summary, the Valve Actuator is an industrial rated, factory-calibrated assembly. It incorporates a heavy-duty, planetary gear-head with integrated, long-life position feedback. It also includes a stepper motor for continuous duty, high precision valve control.

The Valve Actuator is powered by 24VDC through a four wire cable that also includes a digital position communications interface to ensure reliable operation in electrically noisy environments. The Control Interface is a DIN rail-mounted electronic device that “links” the user’s process controller to the Valve Actuator. Several front panel-mount switches and lights are provide for displaying alarms, simple valve configuration, and valve characterization.

The Control Interface provides:

  1. a precision, 4-20mA position feedback signal
  2. several relay driver outputs for indication of alarm and control status
  3. digital inputs for commanding the valve to its maximum and minimum positions.

The unit is typically mounted in a control panel along with a MAXON or user-supplied 24VDC supply and output interface relays.


SMARTLINK® valve actuators are designed for precision control of industrial combustion systems, boiler combustion systems, and related heating process flows. The rugged industrial package adds value to many heating and manufacturing processes by providing highly accurate, characterizable flow control with enhanced, digital intelligence.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF link:

Maxon SMARTLINK CV Technical Catalog