Honeywell Maxon APX Natural Gas Burners

  • Nozzle-mixing line burner for use with low pressure natural gas, propane and butane
  • Eliminates leakage with its single-piece, aluminum extrusion body design
  • Cooler oven walls due to deeper penetration inside the oven (wall-mounted applications)
  • Independent of variable process air-flows (in-duct applications)
  • Corrosion resistant main gas/air body and durable stainless steel mixing plates


MAXON APX® Natural Gas Burners

The Maxon APX gas burners are nozzle mixing line burners. These have a design for fresh or low temperature re-circulated air heating applications. The APX® industrial burner has an engineering design which is a value. It utilizes a single aluminum extrusion for both its air and fuel manifolds.

In summary, its single-piece, joint-less body design provides standard straight gas burners up to 40 feet (12 meters). In addition, it has H-shaped burners, and grid shaped burners engineered to your specification. APX® burner construction provides years of maintenance free operation and lower cost of ownership than any other alternative.

Technical Documentation

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Maxon APX Burners

Maxon APX Burners Configuration Assembly Numbers