Honeywell Maxon NP & RG Airflow Duct Burners

  • Models NP-1, NP-2, NP-3, RG-IV
  • Available in gray iron and aluminum bodies
  • For direct fired fresh air heating applications
  • Operates economically (100 % thermal efficiency) and installs easily
  • Burns clean and odor-free with most gaseous fuels, meeting or exceeding most known standards for direct-fired make-up air and space-heating applications
  • High turndown, up to 25:1
  • Modular design configured within your duct for optimal temperature distribution


MAXON Series “NP” and “RG” AIRFLO Industrial Duct Burners

Maxon Series NP and RG burners provide clean, direct fired air heating to optimize process air heating efficiency. The modular natural gas burners install easily with custom built patterns to fit your duct. NP and RG burners burn cleanly with most gaseous fuels. In addition, they offer high heat releases per foot with wide turndown ratios.

For Make-up Air Heating:

  • NP-I and NP-II AIRFLO burner types provide a nominal capacity of 0.5 MBtu/h per foot. Turndown of 25 : 1. With staged burner configuration turndown may exceed 50 : 1. Optimum air stream velocity is 3000 ft/min.
  • NP-II AIRFLO burners are selected when gas supply pressure is too low for NP-I AIRFLO burners. NP-II AIRFLO burners will
    cover the same applications with a turndown of 20 : 1.

For Process Air Heating:

  • NP-I and NP-II AIRFLO burners may be used if temperature rise does not exceed 840° F.
  • NP-III AIRFLO burners provide a nominal capacity of 1.0 MBtu per foot at an optimum air stream velocity of 4000 ft/min. for
    temperatures up to 1200° F with a turndown of 20 : 1.
  • NP-I AIRFLO burners can be supplied with special aluminum alloy bodies having stainless steel fasteners and aluminum
    back-up bars for corrosive applications.

For 2-speed Air Handling Systems:

Usually make-up air applications.

  • Use RG -IV AIRFLO burners (for natural gas only) for a nominal capacity of 0.5 MBtu per foot at an optimum velocity of
    3000 ft/min or 0.25 MBtu per foot at a velocity of 1500 ft/min.

Technical Documentation

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Maxon NP RG Airflow Burners

Maxon NP RG Airflow Burner Specifications