Honeywell ST7800 Series Purge Timers

  • Purge Timer used with  7800 SERIES relay modules
  • Various models available from 2 seconds to over 30 minutes prepurge timing
  • Approvals: UL, CSA and FM
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Honeywell ST7800 plugin purge timers provides the prepurge timing for select 7800 SERIES relay modules. In addition, the ST7800C used with the RM7838C only.

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ST7800 Purge Timers:

ST7800A1021 Flame Safeguard 10 sec Purge Timer
ST7800A1039 Flame Safeguard 30 sec Purge Timer
ST7800A1054 Flame Safeguard 60 sec Purge Timer
ST7800A1070 Flame Safeguard 2.5 min Purge Timer
ST7800A1088 Flame Safeguard 4 min Purge Timer
ST7800A1096 Flame Safeguard 6 min Purge Timer

Technical Documentation

ST7800 Series Purge Timers

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7800 Series ST7800A C Plug-in Purge Timer