Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Subbase

  • Provides terminals for field wiring.
  • Twenty-two terminals.
  • Approvals: UL, CSA
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The Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Sub-bases are for burner, panel or wall mount. For instance, these sub-bases are for the 7800 Series Honeywell Relay Modules and S7830A Expanded Annunciator.

Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Sub-base

The Q7800A,B provides terminals for field wiring. In summary, these sub-bases are available for burner or wall mount applications.

The Q7800A1005 (2-sided) subbase is available for panel mounting applications. Moreover, knockouts are provided in the back, top and bottom for conduit connections.

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Universal Wiring Subbases:

Q7800A1005 Wiring Subbase Panel Mount
Q7800B1011 Wiring Subbase Burner or Wall Mount

Technical Documentation

Q7800 Series Wiring Subbases

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7800 Series Q7800A Universal Wiring Subbase