Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Subbase

Honeywell Q7800 Universal Wiring Subbase

  • Makes electrical connections for 7800 SERIES relay modules or S7830A Expanded Annunciator through bifurcated contacts.
  • Provides terminals for field wiring.
  • Twenty-two terminals.
  • Approvals: UL, CSA


Burner, panel or wall mount subbases for 7800 SERIES relay modules and S7830A Expanded Annunciator.

The Q7800A,B is a universal wiring subbase for the 7800 SERIES Relay Modules and Expanded Annunciator (S7830A). The universal wiring subbase provides terminals for field wiring. Knife blade terminals located on the 7800 SERIES Relay Module or S7830A engage the Q7800 bifurcated contacts to make electrical connections.

The Q7800A1005 (2-sided) subbase is available for panel mounting applications. The Q7800B1003 and Q7800B1011 (4-sided) subbases are available for burner or wall mount applications. Knockouts are provided in the back, top and bottom for conduit connections.

Technical Documentation

Q7800 Series Wiring Subbase Technical Documentation

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7800 Series Q7800A Universal Wiring Subbase