Honeywell Kromschroder DG Compact Gas Pressure Switch

  • Little space required thanks to compact dimensions
  • Max. inlet pressure 600 mbar (8.5 psig)
  • Approvals: CE, FM and UL Listed
  • Direct Mount to ValVario Valve
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The Honeywell Kromschroder DG..VCT is an Auto Reset Gas Pressure Switch that direct mounts to a ValVario Valve.

The pressure switch DG..C switches in the event of increasing or decreasing pressure.  The scale values show the switch-off point for DG..VC and the switch-on point for DG..VCT.


Monitoring static gas and air pressures in various applications.  Primary use on with the Honeywell Kromschroder valVario valve series. Versions available for flange mounting to valVario valves and NPT pipe connections.

In summary:

  • Connections: 1/2″ NPT Conduit, NPT 1/4″ gas connection
  • Ratings: Enclosure: IP 65
  • Voltage/Power: Main voltage: 120 V AC; 50/60 Hz
  • Max. inlet pressure: 600 mbar (8.5 psig) for CE, FM and UL Listed
  • Temperature rating: -4 Deg F to +104 Deg F (-20 Deg C to +40 Deg C)
  • Direct Mount to ValVario Valve
  • Auto Reset

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DG..VCT Gas Pressure Switch, NPT versions
KS75454583, DG17VCT1-6W/B, Compact Gas Pressure Switch, 0.8 – 6.8″ WC (2 – 17 mbar) Adjusting range
KS74214174, DG40VCT1-6W/B, Compact Gas Pressure Switch, 2 – 16″ WC (5 – 40 mbar) Adjusting range
KS75454585, DG110VCT1-6W/B, Compact Gas Pressure Switch, 12 – 44″ WC (30 – 110 mbar) Adjusting range
KS75454586, DG300VCT1-6W/B, Compact Gas Pressure Switch, 40 – 120″ WC (100 – 300 mbar) Adjusting range

Technical Documentation

Download PDF files:

DG..VCT Gas Pressure Switches Overview

DG..VCT Gas Pressure Switches Tech Doc

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DG Compact Gas Pressure Switches