Honeywell Kromschroder DL Air Pressure Switch

  • For positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure
  • For air and flue gas
  • DL..AT: FM approved and UL listed
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The Honeywell Kromschroder DL..T is an Auto Reset Air Pressure Switch.


Monitoring air pressures on industrial and commercial installations.  The low pressure sensing range of this switch permits a wide range of applications.  The switch is capable of static, vacuum, or differential pressure sensing.

In Summary:

  • Switching ranges: 0.08 -60″ w.c. (.2 to 150 mbar)
  • DL..A, DL..K are used for controlling butterfly valves for air and fire dampers in firing systems, and for fan monitoring

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DL..T Air Pressure Switch, NPT version
KS84444950, DL3AT, Auto Reset, 0.12 – 1.2″ WC (0.3 – 3.0 mbar) Adjusting range

Technical Documentation

Download PDF files:

DL Gas Pressure Switches Overview

DL Gas Pressure Switches Tech Doc

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DL Air Pressure Switches