Honeywell Kromschroder DL Air Pressure Switch

Honeywell Kromschroder DL Air Pressure Switch

  • For positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure
  • For air and flue gas
  • DL..A, DL..K are used for controlling butterfly valves for air and fire dampers in firing systems, and for fan monitoring
  • DL..ET, DL..KT: FM approved and UR recognized
  • DL..AT, DL..KT: FM approved and UL listed


Applications: Monitoring air pressures on industrial and commercial installations.  The low pressure sensing range of this switch permits a wide range of applications.  The switch is capable of static, vacuum, or differential pressure sensing.  It is high repeatability, low hysteresis, conduit connection isolated from the upper side of the diaphragm, integrated filter media, vent limiter, test point and indicator lamp.

Switching ranges: 0.08 -60″ w.c. (.2 to 150 mbar).

The following versions are available:

  • Pressure switch with gold-plated contacts for voltages of < 24 V
  • Pressure switch with pilot lamp
  • Pressure switch with test tapping point
  • Pressure switch with external adjustment.


Technical Documentation

DL Air Pressure Switch Technical Documentation