Honeywell Eclipse Deep Spiral Flame Burner

  • Little forward flame travel
  • Easy fuel changeover
  • Provision for piloting and flame monitoring
  • Can operate with excess fuel or excess air


The Eclipse Spiral Flame and Dual-Fuel Flame Burners are a sealed nozzle mixing flat flame burner. Due to its unique construction, the flame follows the contour of the combustion block and surrounding furnace wall with virtually no forward velocity. This permits the burner to be placed close to the work load without producing flame impingement or hot spots in front of the burner and provides uniform heating over a large area.

Eclipse Spiral Flame and Dual-Fuel Spiral Flame burners are used not only on new furnaces, but to increase work capacity on existing installations. Since work load can be placed proportionately closer to the burners, a greater portion of the furnace chamber can be used.

Technical Documentation

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Honeywell Eclipse Deep Spiral Flame

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