Honeywell Hauck SVG Gas Burner

  • The widest range of performance capabilities available in the industry
  • Low emissions design (NOx, CO, and VOCs)
  • High turndown capability
  • High excess air capacity
  • Direct spark ignition


The SVG Super Versatile Gas Burner is designed for applications that benefit from intensive combustion gas re-circulation, increased efficiency, improved temperature uniformity, and substantially reduced emissions. Offered in three separate series. The 100 series has full capacity at 16 osig (6,900 Pa) while the 200 series reaches the same capacity at a lower air inlet pressure typically at 8 osig (3,450 Pa).

The ‘E’ series has the rating of the 200 series with metric air and gas connections. Available in a variety of tile materials and configurations, the SVG burner family includes medium and high velocity models. SVG burners reliably and dependably fire any clean industrial fuel gas over a wide operation range from excess air to excess fuel. Supplemental data sheets list detailed burner performance data.

Model and option configurations to meet the combustion needs of your application

  • High and low combustion air pressure models
  • Ambient and preheated combustion air models
  • Combustion tile velocity and materials options
  • US standard or metric air and fuel connections

Technical Documentation

Download PDF files:

SVG Gas Burner Technical Documentation

SVG Capacities Documentation

SVG Burner Brochure

SVG Spare Parts List