Siemens VA Assemblies SQM5 with VKG Valve

  • UL approved Valve, UL and CSA approved Actuator
  • SQM5 Actuator has varies configurations available
  • From 1/2″ to 4″ NPT VKG Valve
  • VKG Valve in full, medium or reduced port sizes
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Siemens VA Assemblies include variations of an SQM5 Actuators with a VKG butterfly valve.  In summary, SQM5 Actuators have many variations.  These SQM5 variations can be many.  Also you will need to select whether full, medium or reduced port VKG valve.  VKG valve sizes are from 1/2″ to 4″ NPT.

Visit our Marshall W. Nelson Store website for a predetermined selection, or call us to customize your Siemens VA Assembly with a SQM5x actuator.

Ask us for engineering support for your application needs.

Technical Documentation

Valve Actuator Assemblies

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VA Assemblies SQM5 with VKG Valve