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Siemens Valve Actuator Assemblies

Siemens Valve Actuator Assemblies

VA Assemblies are available with the following actuators:

  • SQM33 actuators with LMV3 Linkageless systems
  • SQM45 or SQM48 actuators with LMV5 Linkageless systems
  • SQM40/41 Synchro Modulating Actuators
  • SQM50/53/56 Modulating Actuators


SCC offers a full complement of Valve-Actuator (VA) assemblies.

Connecting to the following Valve lines:

  • VKG Threaded Butterfly Valves
  • VRG Biogas Butterfly Valves
  • VKF Flanged Butterfly Valves
  • VKP Characterized Valves
  • Hauck Oil Valves

Standard VA assemblies are assembled and tested.

Technical Documentation

Valve Actuator Assemblies Technical Documentation