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Siemens SQM5 Actuator Combustion Control

Siemens SQM5 Actuator

  • Six easily accessible internal switches
  • Auto/manual switch allows easy adjustments
  • Externally visible shaft position indicator
  • Highly modulating accuracy/rotational resolution
  • Low hysteresis actuator with double-offset drive and potentiometer gearing
  • Approvals: UL, CSA, CE and EAC
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Siemens VKG Threaded Butterfly Valves

Siemens VKG Threaded Butterfly Valves

  • Full, medium, or reduced port versions available to optimize pressure drop and flow control
  • Shaft supported by precision bearings for repeatable performance
  • Low leakage rate at full closed position without a beveled disk
  • Low pressure loss at the full open position
  • Corrosion-resistant for outdoor applications
  • Clear position indication on a 2” laser-etched, anodized dial
  • 90° clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • UL Approval
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