Sensus 243-RPC Pilot-Operated Regulators

  • Available Pipe Sizes: 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″ NPT Screwed and 2″ Flanged
  • Interchangeable Orifices: 1/4″ – 1-1/4″
  • Body: Cast Iron (ASTM A126 Class B)
  • Diaphragm case: Die Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Orifice and Stem: Brass
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Sensus Pilot Operated Regulators 243 RPC, 243 RPC-A and 243 RPC-B.

Genuine, pilot-operated regulators use the same relay operation principle as the well-known 441-VPC.  Use of this principle results in exceptionally precise regulation.  In addition, the 243-RPC is accurate within ±0.5% absolute outlet pressure from minimum to wide-open flow.

Relay operation also minimizes the effects of inlet variations.  Accuracy is largely unaffected by swings in inlet pressure.

The 243-RPC is made for fixed factoring, pressure factor measurement, pressure compensated metering and other applications requiring exceptionally precise pressure control.  Therefore, wherever requirements call for maximum accuracy at minimum cost, the 243-RPC makes an excellent choice.

Sensus Regulator Accessories:

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Model 243-RPC Gas Pressure Regulators

Sensus 243-RPC-A – 2″ NPT Gas Pressure Regulator
Sensus 243-RPC-B – 2″ NPT Gas Pressure Regulator
Sensus 243-RPC-B – 2″ ANSI Gas Pressure Regulator 3/8″ Orifice
Sensus 243-RPC-B – 2″ ANSI Gas Pressure Regulator 1″ Orifice

Technical Documentation

243-RPC Technical Documentation


243 RPC Sensus Industrial Pilot Operated Gas Regulator

General Safety for Industrial Regulators

243 RPC Sensus Installation and Maintenance Instructions

243 RPC Regulator Illustration Details