Sensus 121 RPC 121-PL Pilot-Operated Regulators

121 Pilot Operated (121-RPC)

  • Precision regulation of pressure to a setpoint
  • +/- 0.5% absolute outlet pressure accuracy
  • 3½” w.c.-35 psig outlet pressure range

121 Pressure Loaded (121-8PL)

  • Constant loading pressure on diaphragm
  • +/- 5.0% absolute outlet pressure accuracy
  • 1 psig-35 psig outlet pressure range
  • Bleeds to line


The 121-RPC is a genuine Pilot Operated Regulator (Relay Principal of Operation).

The relay principal means exceptional precise control. Accuracy is largely unaffected by changes in the inlet pressure.

The control line is piped to both the inlet and main regulator. The loading pressure to the main regulator varies with the downstream pressure resulting in precise regulation.

The 121-PL is a pressure loaded, Pilot Operated Regulator. The pressure loading of the diaphragm minimizes droop caused by spring and diaphragm effect, thus providing more accurate control. The outlet set pressure is controlled by adjusting the pilot regulator of the 121-PL.

 Also Option Available: 121 With V-Port Valves

  • 40:1 turndown
  • Excellent low-flow performance
  • Eliminate or reduce pulsation


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