Protection Controls ACF Relay

Protection Controls ACF Relay

  • Flame Safety Component
  • Used on Protection Controls Protectofier Flame Safety device



ACF Relay is a Component for Protectofier Flame Safety

Check Relay (ACF, plug-in type) makes certain that Protectofier is functioning properly. It is energized thru N.C. contacts of the Flame Relay. Failure of the Check Relay to prove safe-start check will prevent ignition and energizing of fuel valve.

Flame Relay (ACF, plug-in type) responses to FLAME-PAK operation energizing circuit to fuel valve.

Load Relay (ACF, plug-in type) is used on multi-burner units to energize fuel valves after all flames are proven. It is energized thru series circuit of N.O. contacts of all flame relays. Loss of flame signal from any one burner position de-energizes the load rely, which in turn de-energizes the fuel valves.

NR Relay (ACF, plug-in type) is used on all automatic NR units to provide non-return of ignition after flame failure. Contact of NR relay provides power to the thermal circuit breaker following a flame failure causing thermal circuit breaker to trip. Manual reset of thermal circuit breaker is required.


Technical Documentation

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