Protection Controls Tele-Fault II Monitor

Protection Controls Tele-Fault II Monitor

  • Single Wire Connections
  • No Additional Relays
  • Compact Design 1/4 Din Size
  • Start-Up Status Display
  • First-Outage Readout
  • Power Interruption Indicator



The Protection Controls Tele-Fault II is the first-outage fault finder flame safeguard equipment.  In addition, it has reliability and operating savings for monitoring equipment in heating and processing systems.  In summary, it can monitor up to 8 read-out positions.

TeleFault II Lights and Push Buttons:

  • START-UP Lights indicate all monitored open limits when power is applied or when RESET button is pressed.
  • FIRST-OUT Lights indicate first monitored limit to open.
  • SILENCE ALARM button de-energizes FIRST-OUT alarm circuit.
  • RESET REQUIRED light indicates Tele-Fault II requires reset.
  • POWER INTERRUPTION light indicates 115V power supply has been interrupted.
  • RESET light indicates Tele-Fault II is operational.
  • RESET button silences alarm and resets Tele-Fault II.

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Technical Documentation

Tele-Fault II Monitor

Download this PDF for more information:

Tele-Fault II infomation