Protection Controls Protectofier 6642

Protection Controls Protectofier 6642

  • Electrical flame safety equipment
  • Combustion safeguard systems
  • Continuous, automatic protection
  • Monitor one or more burners
  • Approvals: UL, FM and CSA



The Protectofier 6642 Series combustion safeguard system for continuous, automatic protection against buildup of combustible fuel mixtures due to flame failure or other faults in ovens, boilers, furnaces and other heating equipment.  The Protectofier 6642 operates with Flame Rod and/or P-C II Scanner.

In summary, the system can monitor one or more burners, and will respond to the presence or absence of flame via the rectification principle.  In addition, see the general features and various model types below.  Above all, if questions, call us.

General Features:

  • Modularized Multi-Burner Control
  • Time Proven Plug-in Solid State
  • FLAME-PAK Amplifier
  • Plug-in, Interchangeable Relays
  • Plug-in Power Transformer
  • Flame Rod and/or Ultra-Violet Sensing.  Independent or simultaneously using same FLAME-PAK Amplifier
  • Control Panel Mounting

Protectofier 6642 Series Model Types are:

FORM 6642VA Manual

  • Basic combustion safeguard model

FORM 6642VB Auto

  • Breaker – lockout switch model
  • Required for automatic lighted installations.  System “latches out” after failure to light within ignition trial time and cannot attempt restart until switch is manually reset.
  • Standard ignition trial time is 15 seconds. Also available in 10-second and 5-second trial time.
  • Form 6642VBNR – Automatic only and Non-relight.


  • Load relay – included for all multi-burner models

FORM 6642VT Proof of Closure (POC)

  • Timofier model plugin, fixed time assembly.
  • The timofier provides purge time and ignition trial time.  The ignition trial time is deducted from the motor time cycle (1/2, 1, 1-1/4, 2, 3, 4, and 6 minutes available for manual and automatic models; 10 minutes for manual model only) to purge the time.
  • Standard ignition trial time is 15 seconds.  Also available in 10-second and 5-second trial time.
  • Specify both purge and ignition times.
  • Purge time shall allow system to have a minimum of four fresh air changes.


  • Combines features of Breaker and Load relay models described above.
  • Form 6642VBLNR – Automatic only and Non-relight.


  • Combines features of Breaker and Timofier models described above.
  • Form 6642VBTNR – Automatic only and Non-relight.


  • Combines features of Load relay and Timofier models described above.


  • Combines features of Breaker, Load relay, and Timofier models described above.
  • Form 6642VBLTNR – Automatic only and Non-relight.


  • Full Feature Combustion Safeguard including:
  • Proof of Closure
  • Proof of High Fire Purge
  • Purge Timing (In 15 sec. increments, 7 min. 45 sec. max)
  • Proof of Low Fire Start
  • Ignition Trial Timing (Pilot) 10 sec.
  • Pilot Interrupt Timing (Main burner ignition trial) 10 or 15 sec.
  • Alarm output if the safety interlocks (limit switches) or flame failure causes shutdown.
  • Relay contacts available to drive actuator to high fire for purge, low fire for ignition trial, and control when main burner is proven.
  • Eight status lights

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Technical Documentation

Protection Controls Protectofier 6642 (link)

Download this PDF for more information:

Protectofier 6642 Information

Protectofier Wiring Diagrams:
Protectofier 6642VA (Manual)

Protectofier 6642VB (Auto)

Protectofier 6642VT (POC)

Service Manual for Protectofier