Honeywell Maxon M-PAKT Ultra low NOx

  • Produces extremely low emissions of NOx and CO
  • Burns natural gas or propane
  • Flame contained almost entirely inside the discharge sleeve
  • Compact packaged design with a variety of control methods
  • Durable steel outer construction with stainless steel internals


Maxon M-PAKT Ultra low NOx Burner

The Maxon M-Pakt burner provides the world’s lowest levels of NOx and CO. These Maxon M-pakt burners have quality and reliability. In most applications, NOx is typically < 9 ppm while CO is maintained < 20 ppm. In addition, the M-PAKT® industrial burner is suitable for air heating for ovens, dryers for paint finishing, paper making, textile production, food baking, grain drying, and make-up air heating. In conclusion, M-PAKT® substantially reduces emissions in incinerators, oxidizers, heat exchangers and process heaters.

Technical Documentation

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Maxon M-Pakt Burner

Maxon M-Pakt Burner Assembly Numbers