Honeywell Kromschroder ZAI Ionization Pilot

Honeywell Kromschroder ZAI Ionization Pilot

  • Thermo pilot burner for safe ignition of atmospheric gas burners in conjunction with automatic burner control units IFS/IFD or PFS/PFD.
  • Capacity: approx. 3 kW
  • Gas type: natural gas or propane


Honeywell Kromschroder ZAI Ionization Pilot for Natural Gas and Atmospheric Burners

  • Atmospheric pilot burner
  • Capacity: 3 kW (approx. 2500 kcal/h)
  • Direct ignition and ionisation control

Technical Data

  • Pilot burner ZAI for natural gas and propane
  • Other gases on request
  • Standard version: natural gas
  • Max. ambient temperature: 500 °C
  • Gas connection: Cu-tube 8 x 1
  • Protective grade: IP 20


  • Ignition head – steel, galvanized
  • Fixing plate – steel, galvanized
  • Ignition and ionisation electrodes – Kanthal A-1
  • Plug connector for ignition electrode – brown (suppressed)
  • Plug connector for flame rectification electrode – black

Technical Documentation

Pilot Burner ZAI Technical Documentation