Honeywell Kromschroder Pilot Burner ZKIH

Honeywell Kromschroder Pilot Burner ZKIH

  • Pilot burner with forced air supply for safe ignition of gas burners in conjunction with automatic burner control units IFS/IFD or PFS/PFD
  • Capacity: 2 to 7 kW
  • Gas type: natural gas, town gas or LPG
  • Length of burner tube: 150/100 to 1000/100 mm
  • Connection: thread


Pilot Burner ZKIH

  • Robust design for a long service life
  • Diverse possible applications thanks to splash-proof connection housing
  • Pilot burner with forced air supply
  • Simple conversion of gas types from natural gas to LPG or town gas
  • Reliable electrical ignition thanks to ignition electrode
  • Safe flame control thanks to ionization electrode
  • Saves space due to compact design
  • Different lengths make it suitable for many installation situations

For use as a pilot burner for safe ignition of main burners in industrial furnaces and firing systems in the iron and steel industries in the precious, non-ferrous and light metal sector, as well as in the plastics, fibre and paper industries. Can also be used as an independently operated burner for applications requiring a burner capacity of 2 to 7 kW (for natural gas max. 5 kW).

The pilot burner is available in different lengths. It has a splash-proof housing. On delivery, the burner is equipped for operation with natural gas. It can easily be converted for operation with LPG or town gas.

Burner ZKIHB is used for the ignition of high speed burners.


Technical Documentation

Pilot Burner ZKIH Technical Documentation