Honeywell Kromschroder GIKH Regulators

  • For maintaining constant gas/air ratios on preheated air combustion systems
  • Precise pressure regulation over wide turndown ranges
  • Compensated for varying inlet pressures
  • Long life, low maintenance


GIKH and GIKH..B regulators allow precise, repeatable control of gas/air ratios on preheated air combustion systems, where air density is affected by temperature changes. They can be used as direct gas pressure controllers or as loading signal generators for conventional gas/air ratio regulators.

They are also suitable for cold air combustion systems where the available gas pressure is higher than the combustion air pressure, avoiding the necessity of troublesome, high maintenance bleeders. They are suitable for natural, LP and clean coke oven or bio-gas. Special models are available for controlling air pressure.

Technical Documentation

GIKH Regulator Technical Documentation