Gefran 650L High Limit Temperature Controller 1/16 DIN

  • Indicator/Safety Alarm Limit
  • Dedicated button for alarm reset
  • Displays process values
  • Easy configuration
  • Approvals: UL, CE, CSA, FM
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Gefran 650L High Limit Temperature Controller Series indicators are designed to interrupt the output if the safety limit of an industrial process is exceeded. Once a limit exceeded event occurs it is latched until reset by an operator acknowledgment action. This reset can be done by the operator from the specific (red R) front key , digital input (optional) or serial line (optional).

In addition, the displays show the process values, plus multilingual scrolling messages for diagnostics and alarms. The local configuration operation is performed with front panel keys. Permitted key presses are highlighted by their associated LED’s above each key.

Moreover, the Gefran 650L Controller is easy commissioning with a simplified and guided configuration for manual free programming, with only a few required parameters. Using GF_eXpress software, Gefran 650L High Limit Controller with a programming cable and PC, you can program the extended configuration.

Gefran 650L High Limit Temperature Controller Self-checking

The device offers complete diagnostics for a broken or an incorrectly connected sensor and has operation counters with settable alarm limits which are useful for scheduling preventive maintenance. A trigger counter and alarm memory reset timer are available for alarm 1. This information can help to evaluate furnace deterioration and plan maintenance work.

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Gefran 650L Temperature Controller with 100…240 VAC power supply

Gefran 650L-R-RR0-00000-1-G, 3 outputs

Gefran F060800 Controller Programming Cable

Technical Documentation

Download pdf file:

Gefran 650L High Limit Datasheet


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