Gefran 650 PID Temperature Controller 1/16 DIN

  • Easy configuration
  • Customized messages
  • Function block options
  • Timer, setpoint and algorithm programmer
  • Large LCD Display
  • Approvals: UL, CE, CSA
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Gefran 650 is a PID temperature controller 1/16 DIN size. It has an operator interface with a large LCD display with customization of colors assigned to PV and SV display, of color of plastic faceplate, and of logo. Scrolling alphameric display of 25 messages (32 letters each), completely configurable and savable, in three languages. The Gefran 650 temperature controller has clear scrolling messages for diagnostics, alarms, and process state.

In addition, the Gefran 650 temperature controller has easy configuration. Guided configuration for manual-free programming, with a few essential parameters and on-line help messages. Ability to clone configuration among controllers, even with power off and in the field, thanks to a mini portable configurator with Zapper battery. Extended configuration, creation of work recipes, and firmware updates via PC and GF_eXpress software, even without powering the controllers. Local configuration and operation with only four keys assigned to LEDs that serve as feedback for the pressed key and as guide to specify appropriate steps. The initial parameters can always be reset.

Gefran 650 Controller Functions

The compact Gefran 650 PID temperature controller has diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and energy monitor. Complete diagnostics for broken or incorrectly connected probe, total or partial load break, out of range variables, and control loop faults. Thanks to the switching count and to the settable alarm thresholds, you can program preventive maintenance to replace worn actuators. An internal energy counter with alarm for abnormal variations totalizes energy consumptions and costs for constant control.

Sixteen Function block applications and/or timer functions blocks, allow you to create customizable logic sequences for complete and flexible machine control with the Gefran 650 PID temperature controller. The controller’s hardware resources are exploited completely, without any need for external devices such as timers and small PLCs.

The Gefran 650 PID temperature controller has tuning, timer, set programmer, valve positioner and more functions – see technical documentation for further information.

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Gefran 650 Controller with 100…240 VAC power supply

Gefran 650-D-R00-00000-1-G, 2 outputs
Gefran 650-R-R00-00000-1-G, 3 outputs
Gefran 650-C-RRR-10030-1-LFG, 4 outputs

Gefran F060800 Controller Programming Cable

Technical Documentation

Download pdf files:

Gefran 650/1250/1350 Series Brochure

Gefran 650 Datasheet


To view video, click on the photo, or here:

Video - Quick Configuration

To view video, click on the photo, or here: