Karl Dungs FRNG Proportionator Zero Governor

Karl Dungs FRNG Proportionator Zero Governor

  • Max. Operating pressure: 7 PSI / 5 PSI
  • Connections: DN and Rp
  • Approvals: CSA and CE


The Dungs pressure regulator, type FRNG, has an adjustable setpoint spring and defined counterspring.  These proportionator/zero governor regulators are recommended for industrial and commercial heating applications.  In Rp and DN sizes.  Model 5.. series for Rp sizes; Model 5…series for DN sizes.  Various outlet pressure spring selection options – see our Spring selection page for these regulators.

Proportionator Application:
Holds a constant gas/air ratio by varying gas flow to a gas burning piece of equipment in proportion to combustion air flow. Adjustable ratio for excess gas or air operation.

Zero Governor Application:
Controls fuel by reducing incoming gas pressure to zero or adjustable to slightly above or below atmospheric pressure.

Ask us for engineering or product support to size your regulator.
220967 – Dungs Model 503 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 3/8″ Rp
220968 – Dungs Model 505 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 1/2″ Rp
220969 – Dungs Model 507 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 3/4″ Rp
220970 – Dungs Model 510 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 1″ Rp
209064 – Dungs Model 515 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 1 1/2″ Rp
209065 – Dungs Model 520 Proportionator/Zero Governor, 2″ Rp

159350 – Dungs Flanged 5040 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 40, Flanged
209067 – Dungs Flanged 5050 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 50, Flanged
209068 – Dungs Flanged 5065 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 65, Flanged
209069 – Dungs Flanged 5080 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 80, Flanged
214422 – Dungs Flanged 5100 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 100, Flanged
220758 – Dungs Flanged 5125 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 125, Flanged
224212 – Dungs Flanged 5150 FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor, DN 150, Flanged

Technical Documentation

FRNG Proportionator/Zero Governor


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