Honeywell Kromschroder TZI Ignition Transformer

  • Electrical ignition of gas burners
  • Ignition and burner control with a single electrode possible
  • For installation in a control cabinet
  • Various VA output and duty cycle to match application
  • Complying with EN 61558-2-3
  • TZI 7,5-20/33R complies with CSA


Ignition transformers TZI are designed for high-voltage spark ignition of gas burners and gas-ignited or directly ignited oil burners. The ignition transformers can also be used on burners with single-electrode operation; the ignition current and ionization current flow over a common electrode.

Ignition transformer TZI fulfils the requirements for enclosure IP 20. It is suitable for installation in a control cabinet.

Technical Documentation

Ignition Transformer: TZI Technical Documentation