Honeywell Kromschroder Solenoid MB7 Actuator

  • Robust design for a long service life
  • Simple installation using fastening set
  • Valve disc position indicator
  • Burner capacity adjustment by integrated air volume control for low-fire and high-fire rate
  • Suitable for intermittent operation due to large number of operating cycles
  • Approvals: CE, FM


Solenoid actuators MB 7 and butterfly valves BVHM for staged control of industrial burners in cold- or hot-air operating mode up to 450°C.

The solenoid actuator MB 7 serves as a drive for the butterfly valve BVHM.

Solenoid actuator MB 7 indicates the position of the valve disc. The air volumes for low and high fire can be controlled independently. Due to the large number of operating cycles of solenoid actuator MB 7, the butterfly valve BVHM is suitable for intermittent operation.

DN: 40 to 100, for fitting between two flanges,
pu: max 150 mbar,
with spring-loaded valve disc and position indicator,
MB 7N: quick opening, quick closing,
MB 7R: slow opening, slow closing, for High/Low control,
MB 7L: slow opening, quick closing, for On/Off control,
mains voltage: 24 V DC, 120 V AC or 220/240 V AC,
electrical connection: terminals or standard plug with socket.


Technical Documentation

Solenoid Actuator MB7 Technical Documentation