Honeywell Kromschroder BVHM Butterfly Valve with MB7 Actuator

  • For hot air and flue gas
  • Can be mounted directly onto the solenoid actuator MB 7
  • Low leakage rate and pressure loss
  • High control accuracy
  • Suitable for intermittent operation
  • Low-maintenance operation


Honeywell Kromschroder BVHM Butterfly valve for hot air and flue gas.

Solenoid actuator MB 7 is available as an actuator for the BVHM.

The butterfly valve BVHM is used in intermittent mode.

Butterfly valve BVHM is suitable for applications up to 842°F (450°C).

Technical Documentation

Honeywell Kromschroder BVHM Butterfly Gas Valve Technical Documentation