Honeywell Kromschroder BCU 480 Burner Control Unit

Honeywell Kromschroder BCU 480 Burner Control Unit

  • For pilot and main burners in intermittent or continuous operation
  • Replace the local control cabinet
  • Flame control by UV, ionization or a further option of using the furnace chamber temperature
  • Display of the program status, unit parameters and flame signal; Manual mode for burner adjustment and for diagnostic purposes
  • Visualization and adaptation to the specific application via the PC programming and diagnostic software BCSoft to simplify logistics management
  • Air valve control relieves the furnace control
  • Optional PROFIBUS DP interface
  • EC type-tested and certified
  • Certified for systems up to SIL 3 and compliant with PL e


The burner control units BCU 480 control, ignite and monitor gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. As a result of their fully electronic design, they react quickly to various process requirements and are therefore suitable for frequent cycling operation.

They can be used for industrial burners of unlimited capacity which are ignited by pilot burners. Pilot and main burners may be modulating or stage-controlled. The BCU 480 monitors pilot and main burners independently. The pilot burner can burn permanently or be switched off. The BCU is installed near the burner to be monitored.

On industrial furnaces, the BCU reduces the load on the central furnace control by taking over tasks that only relate to the burner, for example it ensures that the burner always ignites in a safe condition when it is restarted.

Applications: Multi-burner systems where space and function are top priorities.

Technical Documentation

BCU 480 Burner Control Unit Technical Documentation