Honeywell Eclipse Air/Fuel Mixers

Honeywell Eclipse Air/Fuel Mixers

  • Mix air and any commercially available fuel gas.
  • Deliver the mixture at low pressure to open or sealed pre-mix type gas burners.
  • Single-valve control eliminates the need for the operator to regulate both the gas and air ratios.
  • Offer fuel savings by eliminating inevitable efficiency losses due to manually adjusting both the gas and air valves on a burner.


The Eclipse Airjector uses compressed air to entrain larger volumes of ambient air for combustion systems. The Airjector is useful when the operation of the combustion equipment is intermittent or air requirements are very small. A blower is recommended for constant operation.

Manual temperature control is achieved by a needle valve in the compressed air line. Automatic control can be achieved by installing a solenoid valve to provide “on-off” control, while a solenoid valve with adjustable bypass will give “hi-lo” burner control.

Eclipse has a variety of mixers to select – ask your Marshall W. Nelson & Associates representative which is best for your application.

This Low Pressure Proportion Mixer, photographed to the left, is used to mix air and any commercially available fuel gas at low pressure and deliver the mixture under pressure to open or sealed premix type gas burners. (2 oz. to 4 psi air and 4″ w.c. to 16 oz gas.).

Technical Documentation

AirJector Technical Documentation

Mixers – Air and Gas Technical Documentation

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Low Pressure Proportional Mixers LP Series