Algas SDI AQUAVAIRE Horizontal Gas-Fired Waterbath Vaporizer

  • Angled propane heat exchanger to ensure all liquid is boiled and superheated.
  • Parallel path propane heat exchanger designed for low pressure drop.
  • Multiple fire tube heat exchanger to minimize stack temperatures, maximize efficiency.
  • Full modulating Eclipse Combustion burner fires into a combustion chamber, not a tube.
  • Galvanized water bath expansion tank reduces glycol boil off and reduces oxygen entrainment, which is the primary cause of corrosion.


AQUAVAIRE™ Horizontal Gas-Fired Waterbath Vaporizer

AQUAVAIRE Horizontal vaporizers are workhorses designed for large industrial applications and for utility peak shaving. While we offer a standard configuration, these units are frequently tailored to specific needs. All pressure vessels are designed and manufactured to ASME section VIII Div 1 and are “U” code stamped. Heat exchanger design pressures up to 750 PSIG are available.

 More Features:

  • Dual water circulation pumps ensure even heating and maximum heat transfer.
  • Most propane heat exchange surface area per gallon vaporized.
  • Lowest emissions and exhaust stack temperatures in industry for vaporizer capacity.
  • Built in heavy ends separation chamber prevents clogging of downstream devices.
  • Complete skid mounted package with all necessary controls, safeties, and annunciator display panel.
  • Heat exchanger fabricated according to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, and ASME ‘U’ stamped.
  • ASME CSD1 burner gas train.
  • Available with walk-in maintenance house
  • Capacities
    • 150 – 1360 MMbtu
    • 1650 – 15,000 GPH (nominal)
    • 3170 – 28,800 Kg/hr


Technical Documentation

AQUAVAIRE™ Horizontal Gas-Fired Waterbath Vaporizer