Algas SDI AZEOVAIRE Steam Powered LPG Vaporizer

  • Bayonet Style shell and tube heat exchanger utilizes saturated steam to vaporize liquid LPG.
  • Indirect heating design is simple and reliable.
  • Offers 100% turndown.
  • Bayonet design allows for stress free expansion and contraction of heat exchanger tubes.
  • Control system designed so liquid inlet solenoid not allowed to open until vaporizer up to minimum temperature.
  • Fully insulated for maximum thermal efficiency.


AZEOVAIRE™ Steam Powered LPG Vaporizer

More Features:

  • Stainless steel outer heat exchanger tubes are standard.
  • Includes liquid LPG strainer and steam trap with strainer.
  • Both steam and LPG fabrication are stamped in accordance with ASME standards.
  • Factory Mutual approved.
  • Configuration satisfies NFPA standards as a Class I, Division 1, Group D unit.
  • Capacities
    • 15 – 400 MMbtu
    • 160 – 4400 GPH (nominal)
    • 305 – 8450 Kg/hr

Technical Documentation

AZEOVAIRE™ Steam Powered LPG Vaporizer