Siemens VA Assemblies SQM5 with VKF1x Valve

  • Actuator UL and CSA, VKF1x EAC and RoHS
  • Swing-thru or Beveled-Disk wafer style types
  • Mounts between ANSI 125/150 or ISO 7005 flanges
  • 1.25″ to 8″ NPT valve sizes
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Siemens VA Assemblies include variations of an SQM5 Actuators with a VKF1x wafer style valve.  In summary, SQM5 Actuators have many variations.  These SQM5 variations can be many.  Also you will need to select whether swing thru or beveled disk valve.  VKF1x wafer style valve sizes are from 1.25″ and 8″ NPT and includes bracket and coupling.  VKF10 are swing thru valves. VKF11 are the beveled disk valves.

These Siemens wafer style valves are design for flow control.  They are not a gas tight shut off valve.  Mounts between ANSI 125/150 or ISO 7005 flanges.  Assembly may be mounted in any position except upside down.  Suitable for air, natural gas, propane, butane, or FGR as well as dry biogas within composition limits.

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Technical Documentation

Valve Actuator Assemblies

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VA Assemblies SQM5 with VKF1x Valve