Pietro Fiorentini PF400 Appliance Line Pressure Gas Regulator

  • Available sizes: DN: 1/2″ and 3/8″ sizes
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 F to 150 F
  • Outlet Range: depends on Spring
  • Inlet Pressure Range: 14 W.C. to 2 PSIG
  • External Vent Limiter, filter included


Pietro Fiorentini 400 Appliance and Line Pressure gas regulator is particularly suitable for the supply of burners and the distribution of natural gas at low pressure. Moreover, it can uses filtered non-corrosive gases and is mainly with distribution networks for residential users. In summary, Pietro Fiorentini PF400 line appliance and gas line regulators are designed to comply with the latest CSA and international standards for regulators suitable for indoor and outdoor installations with no modifications.

PF400 Appliance and Line Pressure Gas Regulators

In addition, the materials and soft parts used in the construction of the PF400 appliance gas line regulators make them suitable for use with natural gas, LPG, Propane air and other non-corrosive gases. They have a wide range of applications. In addition, all PF400 appliance regulators can achieve high outlet pressure accuracy regardless of inlet pressure variation. The external vent limiter reduces piping costs and the need for costly vent piping for indoor installations and complies with CSA guidelines.

Pietro Fiorentini PF400 Features
  • CSA certified external vent limiter option for indoor installations
  • Both vertical and horizontal installation positions
  • Complete lockup in absence of gas flow, 100% bubble tight shutoff
  • Designed to be used on furnaces and simple on-off loads.
Pietro Fiorentini PF400 Appliance and Line Pressure Outlet Spring Range

Red 2.5″ W .C. to 7″ W.C.*
Black 7″ W.C. to 10″ W.C.*
Yellow 10″ W.C. to 14″ W.C.*
Violet 1.65 PSIG to 2 PSIG

* Spring is CSA outlet pressure certified

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Technical Documentation

Download pdf file:

PF400 Regulator Brochure