Honeywell Maxon OvenPak EB-1 Gas Burner

  • External Blower (EB) version
  • Flame Length: 4″ to 15″ beyond end of discharge sleeve
  • Maximum Capacities: see Tech Docs
  • Provides clean combustion with low NOx levels
  • For higher back pressure applications


Maxon Ovenpak EB1 Gas Burner

Honeywell Maxon Ovenpak EB-1 natural gas burners are flexible and reliable industrial burners. The OvenPak EB-1 burns most any fuel gas and requires only low pressure fuel. This natural gas burner provides clean combustion with low NOx levels. In addition, it provides unmatched turndown.

Maxon Ovenpak EB-1 gas burners provide outstanding performance. In summary, use them in ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, paper and textile machines. In conclusion, also use in food baking ovens, coffee roasters, grain dryers, and fume incinerators.

Model “EB” (external blower) Ovenpak® Burners, like all Ovenpak® Burner assemblies, are designed to deliver heat through a patented mixing cone and stainless steel sleeve.

Flanged burner body design on all Ovenpak® Burner assemblies simplifies mounting and installation on your application. Burner can be installed in any position that does not conflict with your control motor or flame detector requirements.

Minimal torque requirements permit use of most electric or air operators in conjunction with the optional (Maxon supplied) connecting base and linkage assemblies.

Technical Documentation

Download PDF links:

Maxon Ovenpak EB1 Burner

Maxon Ovenpak EB1 Gas Burners Instruction Manual

Maxon Ovenpak EB1 Burner Assembly Numbers