Honeywell Maxon MEGAFIRE® Industrial Burner

Honeywell Maxon MEGAFIRE® Industrial Burner

  • Fires gas, #2 oil, or both simultaneously
  • Atomizes oil with steam or compressed air
  • Clean products of combustion with low emission levels
  • Stand-by or alternate fuel capabilities
  • Cost-effective external blower (EB) version for back pressure applications
  • Economical operation and low noise levels
  • Easy installation and start-up when supplied with pre-assembled controls and pipe train accessory options


The MEGAFIRE® Industrial burner cleanly burns #2 oil, propane, or natural gas with quiet operation and exceedingly low horsepower requirements. Standard heat releases are available to 45,000,000 BTU/hr (13,000 kW), providing excellent application flexibility. Dual fuel capability of this low temp burner provides reliable heat to kilns, dryers, process heaters as well as numerous other industrial applications.

Other Features:
• Provides clean burning of #2 oil, natural, or propane gas
• Easy installation due to compact design
• Quiet operation with exceptionally low horsepower requirements
• In-line blower (IB) version includes energy-efficient centaxial direct-drive combustion air blower
• Provides application flexibility with:
– Heat releases to 45,000,000 Btu/hr
– High turndown capabilities 10:1 on #2 oil 15:1 on natural gas
– Nine different styles and three different sizes MEGAFIRE® Burner applications have included: Boilers, rotary dryers (for sand, gravel, minerals, and chemicals), municipal solid waste incinerators, indirect air heaters, heater/treaters for the petroleum industry, food process dryers, fertilizer dehydration, rendering plant operations, gypsum board dryers, and fluidized bed installations for power plants.

Technical Documentation

Honeywell Maxon MegaFire Burner Technical Documentation