Honeywell Maxon Infrawave

  • Direct spot heating
  • Direct heating/drying on a conveyer
  • Oven process heating or drying
  • Moving web heating/drying processes


Honeywell Maxon Infrawave

Maxon Infrawave is a high-intensity infra-red energy radiates from the high face temperatures of the ceramic refractory grids of an infrawave burner. Their design produces a low forward velocity air movement, minimizing disturbances of granular or powder products. Modular designed sections permit tailoring total heat release and radiant pattern to your particular application requirements.
Two versions of infrawave burners (SG single grid or DG double grid) provide the application flexibility that dramatically boosts production speeds by concentrating heating into small areas and/or onto fast-moving products.

In conclusion, typical applications for infrawave burners are direct spot heating, direct heating/drying on a conveyer, oven process heating or drying, and moving web heating/drying processes.

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