Honeywell Kromschroder VSBV Over Pressure Safety Relief Valve

  • For gaseous media
  • Inlet pressure range up to 4 bar
  • Adjustable opening pressure 20 – 500 mbar
  • EC type-tested and certified
  • Certified by Gosstandart pursuant to GOST-TR


Safety relief valve for relieving brief pressure surges in control systems thus preventing the safety shut-off valve JSAV from being activated unintentionally. The VSBV reduces too high a pressure increase due to gas creeps which are the result of gas pressure regulators that are not tight closing.

Compulsory for all gas pressure control systems in conjunction with a safety shut-offvalve JSAV pursuant to EN 746-2.

Safety relief valve for eliminating short-term pressure surges or preventing pressure increases due to gas creeps, for gas, EC type-tested and certified.
DN: 25,
connection: thread,
pu: max. 4 bar,
pf: 20 to 500 mbar.

Technical Documentation

VSBV Safety Relief Valve Technical Documentation