Honeywell Kromschroder IC40 Low Torque Programmable Actuators

  • Low-torque rotary actuator
  • IC40 programmable opening and closing profiles
  • Designed to direct-couple to the BV valves
  • Approvals: CE, CSA


The actuators are designed for all applications that require precise, controlled rotary movement between 0° and 90°. In In conjunction with a control element, they are suitable for regulating flow rates on gas and air appliances for modulating or stage controlled combustion processes.

IC40 are low-torque programmable rotary actuator with 3-point step or continuous control for use in complex applications.  Features: precision step-motor, programmable opening and closing profiles and 2 programmable outputs.

The actuator IC 40 can be mounted directly onto the butterfly valves BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF, BVH or BVHS.

Difference of IC20, IC40 and IC50:

IC 20, IC 50 with voltage-free limit switches, Automatic/Manual mode changeover, position feedback and externally readable position indicator.  IC 50 also with selectable direction of rotation.  IC 40 for complex applications with programmable functions for flexible adjustment to the process, with statistics and fault history to support service personnel.

Running time:
IC 20: 7.5 to 60 s
IC 50: 3.7 to 60 s
IC 40: programmable

Mains voltage:
IC 20: 120 to 230 V AC
IC 40: 100 to 230 V AC
IC 50: 24 to 230 V AC

IC 20, IC 40: 2.5 (at 50 Hz) and 3 Nm,
IC 50: 3 to 30 Nm

controlled by
IC 20, IC 50: three-point step or continuous signal
IC 40: three-point step, two-point, PLC or continuous signal.


Technical Documentation

IC 40 Actuators Technical Documentation