Honeywell Eclipse Hermetic Boosters

  • Capacity range: 5,300 to 149,000 SCFH (150 to 4,200 m3/h)
  • Fuel: natural gas
  • Added pressure: 6 to 38 “WC (15 to 95 mbar)
  • Outlet positions: 4



Eclipse Hermetic Boosters are used to increase the pressure of any gas or air/gas mixture not corrosive to aluminum or steel. They deliver gas at any volume within the capacity range of the booster with a relatively constant pressure. In addition, these boosters are UL listed when handling natural or manufactured gases. [The discharge pressure is the total of the booster added pressure plus incoming gas pressure.]

The Hermetic Booster’s design is unique because its premium efficiency motor and rotor are enclosed in an airtight steel housing. No shaft seal is a requirement, which eliminates the possibility of shaft seal leakage. Sealed electrical connections are made through an explosion-proof conduit, and an explosion proof junction box is also included. Standard shaft Class 1, Group D explosion-proof motors are standard.

Typical applications: to raise pressure of fuel gas when supply pressure is insufficient to meet demand. Epoxy coating available for digester gas applications in landfills or wastewater treatment plants.

Key attributes: zero leakage design. Robust, reliable performance. UL listed.

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Technical Documentation

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Honeywell Eclipse Hermetic Boosters