Honeywell C6097 Gas Pressure Switches

  • Two versions available: stand alone and flange mounted
  • C6097A2110 operating temperature range 1.0 … 10 mbar
  • C6097A2210 operating temperature range 2.5 … 50 mbar
  • Ambient temperature range 5° to 140°F


The gas pressure switch C6097A is used to detect the pressure of city gas, natural gas, LP gas or air etc. When the gas pressure changes, the diaphragm of the pressure receiving part detects it and operates the (SPOT) switch to ON/OFF control of the external electrical circuit.

Application: Pressure switch used to detect the upper or lower limit pressure of gas or air supplied to a gas combustion system, or detect the clogging of the interlock filter of a burner blower.

Technical Documentation

C6097A2110 Pressure Switch Technical Documentation

C6097A2210 Pressure Switch Technical Documentation