Honeywell Hauck StarJet Open-Fired Multi-Fuel Burner

  • No ignition tile
  • No combustion chamber required
  • Convenient flame shaping
  • Wide turndown
  • Compressed air option available


The StarJet burner is one of Hauck’s most durable and efficient burners. The StarJet provides flame stability over its wide operating range eliminating the need for refractory ignition tiles or combustion chambers. The burner fires all commercial grades of fuel oil, natural gas, or LP gas. Liquid fuels require the use of a 36 osig blower. As a combination burner, the StarJet will burn any two fuels in combination-with the exception of liquid LP gas and fuel oil. With fuel efficiency and superior performance, the StarJet burner delivers.

Technical Documentation

Hauck StarJet Open-Fired Multi-Fuel Burner Technical Documentation